Nintendo’s UK Press Event: 3DS and more!

Today Nintendo held a massive press event in the UK, where they could show off all of their great stuff from E3 to the British media, and we at AngryBeeGaming were lucky enough to not attend! So hit the jump for our detailed report on everything there, including Nintendo’s new handheld, the 3DS.

As we weren’t at the event we can’t say much personally about everything Nintendo had on show, but we can give some brief insights into what those at the event were thinking.

The 3DS: It’s a DS, in 3D, and you don’t have to wear glasses, and it has gamecube graphics, in 3D, with no glasses, It’s made of elf magic!

The Legend of Zelda – Skyward Sword: This wasn’t even at the event! But wow, It’s kind of like a mix between Twilight Princess and Wind Waker graphics, but with it’s own stylized twist! And wow the Wiimotion+ is put to great use!

Kirbys Epic Yarn: It’s Epic and Kirby is made of Yarn!

Metroid: Other M: Wow, crazy stuff! Fast and fun action, and basically a mix between Metroid Prime and the 2D Metroid games! WEEEEEEE

Goldeneye Wii: I swear I’ve seen this before. Oh well, pretty cool and shooty.

Donkey Kong Country Returns: It’s really like the Donkey Kong Country series is returning! Like a fourth in the series! Great fun!

Epic Mickey: Stars Mickey Mouse and is Epic, oh and it has 2D platforming bits! whoo. Super Disney fun!

Super Scribblenauts: Like Scribblenauts but now you can do more and the controls are good! Super duper doo!

We imagine the event was great, and we’d love to thank Nintendo for allowing us to have the pleasure of not attending! Thanks a bunch!


One Response to “Nintendo’s UK Press Event: 3DS and more!”

  1. It’s like a bee, but its angry, and a bee!

    I like your style connor. Also the 3DS dies look brilliant.

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