Video Games! Now a tool to catching crime

Brandon Nesbit, who works as a security consultant for Trustwave, believes that video game consoles can be used as proof of an alibi for a crime. Sound crazy? It certainly does. Mr.Nesbit is looking to voice his opinion at the DEFCON Security Conference and prove that video games are for more than playing.

“For example, if someone is trying to prove that Suspect A was running an attack against a World of Warcraft server, there will be logs to indicate that fact within World of Warcraft.” “Or if someone wants to defend themselves, they can say, ‘whoa Mr. Investigator…check those logs, I was playing Team Fortress 2 at the time.”

Sounds like quite the john if you ask me. Who would have thought that Team Fortress 2 could save you from investigation? I certainly wouldn’t want this happening to me. Whatever would I do if they find out i’ve been playing Poképark Wii!?



One Response to “Video Games! Now a tool to catching crime”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Lol, even more reason to play video games. I like how people are trying to find valid ways to laze around playing video games. I wonder what they’ll find out next?

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