Epic Mickey To Receive Comic Book Spin-Off Series

At Comic-Con, Warren Spector, designer of upcoming Wii game Epic Mickey and comic book writer Peter David held a panel where they showed the audience  portions of the game world. Peter David then went on to reveal that Epic Mickey would receive a 64 page graphic novel retelling, as well as, more interestingly, a 6 issue comic book series to serve as a prologue to Epic Mickey, entitled “Tales of the Wasteland”.

The comic books will focus on Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, half-brother of Mickey Mouse and one of the primary antagonists in the game, and “tales of what Wasteland was like before the events of the game.” As this is Wasteland, where characters who were pushed out of the spotlight dwell, it appears these will revolve around Oswald doing things to make himself more popular, such as changing into a different creature in one story.

The series will be made available via the iPhone Disney Comic App, PSN’s Digital Comic reader, Paper, and whatever else Disney can think off. Personally I’m excited about the digital releases, because of how convenient they are, both in terms of reading on the bus and obtaining the comics easily, as there aren’t too many comic book shops in the UK.

Will we see more of this sort of thing? Personally I’m a big fan of expanded universes, and how it makes something feel that much more real, so I sure hope so.



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