Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Special Edition Announced!

Square Enix have today unveiled on their facebook page a special edition of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, the first game in their hit franchise to be released on the PSP, which is to be released in PAL regions (UK, Australia, Europe) alongside the regular edition on the 10th September.  The special edition doesn’t just come in the special case above, but also contains 2 Birth by Sleep art prints, as well as a 48 page artbook entitled “The Art of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep”. It seems that it will only cost £5 more than the regular edition, with an RRP of £35, although GAME have it available for preorder for a tidy £30. It’s nice to see something like this hit the UK, because usually we get stuck with regular editions while those in America and Japan are bathing in pools of limited edition gifts.


2 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Special Edition Announced!”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Aw man, not gonna be released in the US? Oh well, I guess I could try to order it from over there.

    Other than that, OMG, I gotta get that. If I can’t, then the normal will have to do. I’m gonna keep my eye on this site for sure.

  2. Gonna put a pre-order down for this soon. It’s really nice to see Square giving us UK fans something special

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