Microsoft: Kinect price confirmed

It seems that the much speculated placeholder prices were infact correct. Kinect will ship on November 4th to the tune of $150/£139.99. For several months placeholders valued the product at $150 but Microsoft has finally given out an official word on the price.

It has also been announced that the Kinect controller will ship as a bundle with “Kinect Adventures” which was shown at E3. Each first party Kinect game will retail with an RRP of $49.99/£39.99. Whether other developers will use this pricing standard is yet to be revealed.

Microsoft has also announced the “Arcade” version of their new Xbox 360 re-design. The Xbox 360 S Arcade will feature 4GB of flash storage, the built in Wifi N adaptor and will also feature a Matte finish in comparison to the glossy finish on the original Slim.

So in short, the difference between the “Arcade” 360 unit and the “Elite” 360 unit is that the Arcade has 4GB of flash storage and the Elite has 250GB of HDD. The Arcade still has all the bells and whistles of the sexy new model, just at a fraction of the price.

Though Microsoft has also stated that there is “no plans” to sell the 250GB Slim HDD seperately, so those looking to upgrade at a later date may be out of luck.



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