First Goldeneye DS details surface

Again, more Comic-Con news. The first details of Goldeneye DS are here! Here’s a look at what has been confirmed.

– not a port of the Wii version
– pulls from iconic GoldenEye moments like the tank battle and classic videogame levels
– new stealth tactics
– new Bond faces/voices like Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench
– take on the tank mission from behind the cannon
– dpad moves the machine
– face buttons aim artillery.
– tap touch screen to switch shoulder button-controlled machine guns and cannon
– tap to recharge vehicle’s shiel
– health/shield represented by the two iconic curved bars
– tank level filled with helicopters, armed troops, and tanks
– archives level returns
– close-quarters combat (executed by tapping the screen when the proximity icon pops up)
– move Bond with the D-Pad (forward, backward and strafing)
– turn the POV with the touchscreen
– radar shows level layout and enemy placement
– swipe the touchscreen and hit buttons on a virtual keypad to open some doors
– swipe the touchscreen to kick doors
– 90% of cut-scenes are first person
– local and online multiplayer matches

Nice to hear its an original game and not a port. Definately something for Bond fans to look into.



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